Founded in 2013, DFD Academy (Devika Fusion Dance) is a dance school in the Greater Boston Area focused on precision-based training in South Asian dance styles. We blend Bollywood, Hip Hop, Folk, Contemporary and Classical to create something stylistically ambiguous and universally relevant. The company was founded on the notion that young students can reach a higher potential if they’re taught advanced choreography at an early stage. What began as a need for us to fuel our own passions for dance has now become a school not only focused on dance education, but also a means to build confidence, diversity of thought, and collaboration for the next generation of dancers.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to elevate the level at which students learn and perform Bollywood fusion dance, while enhancing personal enrichment necessary for growth in other academic and non-academic areas. At DFD, we promote high achieving students by providing them with opportunities to showcase their work with professional artists, company members, and unique performance opportunities. Our instructors are extremely focused on encouraging every students’ potential and ensuring their growth as a dancer through our formalized teaching approach, providing educational value competitive to western performing arts schools. Our vision as an academy is to become the primary source of education, creativity, and development in South Asian Dance forms for the next generation of artists.


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