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Our Purpose

DFD & Co. is a dance company that aims to inspire communities outside of the dance circuit by providing professional-level dancers with a creative outlet to showcase their passion.

As a dance school, our success has been based on the fact that we teach our students collegiate-level choreography at a very early age. Many of us were not introduced to competitive dance styles until we entered college and at DFD, we’re trying to change that for the future generation of dancers.

As a dance company for professional artists, we are taking our idea of inspiring the youth and their communities a step further by showing new audiences exactly what the extent of that professional level dancing can be. So whether you join the company or hire us for a performance, we aim to leave an impact with our motivation, creativity, and culturally-rich repertoire. Check out our videos here.


What Is The Time Commitment Like?

2 hours every week on Wednesday nights. Since we meet only once a week, all rehearsals are mandatory. Our goal is to keep practices organized and productive so we can stay consistent with our schedule and keep it manageable for everyone who is working or going to school. Gigs and videos usually take about 3-4 hours on average depending on location or function. 

What Do You Look For?

When it comes to learning new choreography, we move very quickly so we look for dancers that are comfortable with picking up a variety of styles. DFD is all about speaking through movement, so expressions, presentation, and confidence are important to us as well.

Do You Need to Be Trained in a Specific Style?

Formal training is not a requirement. Honestly, you don’t have to be trained at all as long as you can keep up with the choreo, execute with precision, and present. Most of that comes from having dance experience, but not necessarily formal training.

Are Members Required to Pay Dues/Fees? 

Nope! Dancing with DFD does not cost anything for company members. We’re all just artists coming together to provide value through our art. Similarly, our dancers don’t perform in videos or gigs for money; we do it for the love of the art and the exhilaration of performing as a team. Our goal is to provide our dancers with a platform to share their passion and we strive to provide the most amazing opportunities to do so.

Who is Eligible to Audition?

Anyone over 18. We’re a group of young professionals, grad students, and undergrad students, with a variety of dance backgrounds. We welcome everyone!

How Can I Audition?

DFD will be holding in-person auditions this September! Submit your info at and we’ll get back to you on more details! 


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